Business Event Planning Timeline

Business Event Planning Timeline

Planning and executing a successful business event takes a lot of preparation. Simply picking a date, reserving a banquet facility and hiring a caterer will only provide you with the basics. If you really want to make your Connecticut corporate event stand out, you need to plan carefully and be ahead of schedule. A great idea is to treat your business event the same way a bride does her wedding and use a timeline to guide you along.

Whether you are having a staff party to celebrate an anniversary or have plans to launch a new product for a worldwide media audience, having a timeline schedule will ensure you stay on course and focus on what is most important.
We recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet for your timeline. Easy to use and edit, this will allow you to keep track of important details including guest lists, catering information, media schedules and contacts.

Some events will spring up fairly quick but others will be known well ahead of time. A good rule of thumb is to start planning six months before the event. This doesn’t mean you have to jump right in and get everything scheduled but with a comfortable lead time you will be able to better manage the event and reduce stress as the date nears.

At the beginning define the event, what it is for and what the goal is. Start creating the guest list, both in terms of staff, friends and members of the media if the event is centered on company news or a new product.

At the three month mark this is where you want to start taking the broad strokes you’ve brushed and begin to start making decisions. At the start you will be listing ideas for themes, caterers, event venues, transportation and many other details. With 90 days to go, now is when you want to start making final decisions. This will give you enough time to research the vendors you are interested in, have in-person interviews and check references.

At the one month mark it’s time to start wrapping it up. This is a good time to touch base with all the vendors you have hired and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to dates, times and tasks. By using a planning timeline you will have every base covered and can ensure your business event is a success.

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