How To Choose A Wedding Caterer

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Many decisions will need to be made to ensure your Connecticut wedding is a success. From selecting a wedding venue, deciding on floral arrangements, agreeing on a theme and finding a live band or DJ the list is endless when it comes to preparation. One area that will need your undivided attention is the catering. Whether you opt for an open buffet or formal sit-down dinner it’s very important that you find the best caterer to provide the right food and beverages for all your guests. We’ve made it a little easier by providing a few tips to help Connecticut brides and grooms get started on the process for choosing a wedding caterer.

Know your Menu

Before you even begin to search for a caterer make sure you know what the theme of your wedding will be. Catering companies can vary greatly in what they offer and what their specialty is and if you don’t have a solid idea of the cuisine you want served it can be difficult finding the right caterer. Maybe you’re planning a summer wedding on a beach and want a seafood menu or you’re planning a traditional winter wedding that will require a four course meal in a formal dining setting. No matter what the theme of your wedding is the sooner you know it the better chance you will have of finding a Connecticut wedding caterer who can accommodate your needs.

Inquire about Services

wedding catering ctSome catering companies provide full service meaning they can bring along servers, waiters and bartenders. Others simply make the food in advance and have it dropped off at a wedding venue at a particular time. Be sure to ask in advance what is included with your catering service so you can plan accordingly should you need servers and bartenders from the venue itself or supplied by another company. Also ask if the catering company offers and decorative presentations for tables or if it’s up to you or the wedding venue to provide table décor. Some catering companies take great pride in coming up with decorative presentations for their cuisine while other focus only on the food so know what you can expect from your wedding caterers.

Limits of Give and Take

Many couples welcome advice about their wedding plans but only to a point. If you are telling a catering company you want specific appetizers and entrees and in turn are getting other suggestions you may want to consider another caterer. Practical advice is always appreciated but the last thing you need is to be arguing with a caterer over the types of fruits and vegetables that will kick of the cocktail hour. Find a caterer who will listen to your needs and accommodate you without trying to dictate the menu.

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