Tips for Engagement Party Planning  

While a wide variety of wedding traditions are available for guidance to engaged couples looking for structure in their planning, traditions for engagement parties are less well-defined. There are so few rules for engagement events, that couples can choose the party of their dreams without fear of bucking tradition. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best ideas for engagement party planning.

Should You Plan an Engagement Party?

An engagement party is not essential. But it certainly is fun, and it will allow family and friends to congratulate you in person. One of the many benefits of an engagement party is introducing family and friends from both sides so that by the time the wedding events begin, they’ll already know one another. 

When Should You Plan the Engagement Party?

While there are no hard rules, etiquette experts recommend that the engagement party occur between two and four months after the engagement is announced. This will give you time to plan the event, but it’s soon enough that the engagement will still be “fresh” in everyone’s mind. 

The timing of the engagement party may depend on the timing of the engagement: if you’re planning to marry soon (think: within six months), then you’ll want to hurry along your engagement planning so the two events – engagement party and wedding – aren’t too close together. 

Who Hosts an Engagement Party?

In the past, tradition dictated that the bride’s parents hosted engagement parties, but it’s 2024, and both sets of parents may choose to be involved, or the couple may decide to throw an engagement party entirely for themselves. 

In some cases, couples may choose to throw more than one engagement party if, for instance, their families are located in different regions. 

Choosing a Theme for Your Engagement Party

While you don’t have to have a theme, it’s a fun way to build a framework for decorating, music, drinks, food, and a venue. The theme you choose should reflect your personalities, and your values as a couple. Popular themes in 2024 include “sweet treat” events that offer attendees a variety of gourmet baked goods from macarons to petit fours and gourmet cupcakes, and events that feature a variety of craft cocktails, which allow the engaged couple to build on their creative theme. Barbecue-themed bashes are also popular with couples looking for some less formal fun, or charcuterie and champagne for those looking for something a little more upscale and elegant. 

Who Should You Invite to Your Engagement Party?

While there are no rules carved in stone that must be followed, most engaged couples choose to invite their close friends, their immediate family, and extended family members if they’re having a larger event. Etiquette generally dictates that the guests who are invited to the engagement party will also be invited to the wedding, though not all wedding guests need to be included at the engagement party. 

Look for a Venue That Will Work with You and Your Theme

In Connecticut, the Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station sits atop the banks of the Connecticut River across from the historic Goodspeed Opera House with the famous Haddam Swing Bridge in between. The gorgeous and private venue promises the very finest in food, service, and elegance that engaged couples and their guests will long remember.

Whether your tastes gravitate towards a reception luncheon, family-style, a buffet of unique and exotic stations, or a fully plated sit-down dinner, The Riverhouse assures your particular tastes in ambiance, superb food and service will be exceeded.

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