Why You Should Choose a Venue with Bridal Suite & Groom Room

Choosing a wedding venue is probably one of the most important details when it comes to your wedding day. We’re not just saying this because we offer a superb and elegant Connecticut wedding venue, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Think about it. What is it that your guests are going to remember most from the events of the big day? What will most of the photography have as a backdrop? How much traveling do you really want to do from hotel to salon to venue throughout this magical day? All of these details play a critical role in choosing the ultimate wedding venue.

Two other key details to consider, that we’ll cover in more depth in this blog, are the suite accommodations for the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party.

Yes, your big day is meant for everyone to celebrate and you want your guests to be blown away, but pampering yourselves and those important people you’ve chosen to participate in the day cannot be a missed element.

If you want big and over-the-top. If you want comfort and stress-free moments and if you want to feel like royalty, then invest in a venue that offers both a bridal suite and a groomsmen room.

Not just any accommodations will do. If you want only the best, then looking into what venues offer for bride and groom accommodations is important.

Key Considerations for a Bridal Suite

Will it take some stress away from the day?

The bride is usually most stressed on their wedding day hoping all of the details play out without a hiccup. One less thing you want to worry about (and it happens often) is timing. Travel delays can happen for a number of reasons. If you want to be on time for the photographer, make-up artist and hairstylist, consider the benefit of a bridal suite where you can gather with your girls for all the private pampering you need. The best part, your ceremony is happening on the same premises.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes. Some bridal suites are literally a room. No bathroom or extras. Be sure to check out the details of a bridal room being offered by a venue to ensure it’s roomy and most importantly that there is a bathroom to access.

Make-up area

While having a bathroom mirror to prepare in is great, nothing beats a dedicated area for makeup. Whether you’ve hired a makeup artist for your wedding or your bridal party will be doing their own make-up, you need a space where you can lay out all of the tools you’ll need to create your photo-ready face.

What Should a Groom Suite Have?

Is there a separate space for the guys?

While there is certainly a lot of fun to be had on this happy day, the two parties need their own space to get ready and relax. Be sure that the suites offered at a wedding venue location have designated areas for both parties to prepare and relax.

Will there be food?

Sometimes the party starts hours before and hunger kicks in. Be sure you’re bridal rooms will have access to some snacks to hold you over and drinks as needed.

What fun extras are included?

Nothing means relaxation for the guys more than fun activities. Suites that include things like a poker table, big-screen TV for PlayStation/X-Box, private bathrooms with showers even for getting ready after a great game at the golf course!

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