2022 Wedding Trends

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If you love following trends, or you’re someone that likes to be informed about all the latest things people are doing – then this post is for you. We have been keeping tabs on all things wedding-related and have uncovered some of the hottest trends already emerging for the 2022 wedding season. Some are throwbacks with a new twist – and others focus on new levels of personalization and customization for wedding experiences.

Here are 3 things that are trending majorly at weddings in 2022.

All About The Food

Most people who attend a wedding are there to see the couple tie the knot, dance, and most importantly – eat good food. The meal served at your event is key to making it memorable. New ways to make that experience unique and customized include putting a fun twist on menu items (like adding fried chicken and waffles to your late-night snacks) using locally sourced foods or sticking to a theme or specific way of eating (like a vegan wedding). For desserts, we’re seeing a return of fun options like donut walls and even mini cakes portioned for single service.

New Traditions

As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. According to Wedding Wire’s 2022 wedding trends report, many couples are doing things differently now as the return of in-person weddings has them celebrating with a more focused purpose. Some who already chose to marry and are just now able to celebrate are focusing efforts on a reception-only gathering. Those still having a ceremony and reception are even flipping the days’ timeline around and having the cocktail hour, food and time with guests before pausing to have the official ceremony.

Champagne Towers

Lastly, champagne towers have made a comeback. Once the key focal point of a wedding reception’s Venetian table, these wonderful works of art are now making their way back to weddings but in a new way. In case you’ve never seen one before, a champagne tower is created by carefully stacking chilled champagne glasses up on top of each other. Then champagne is slowly poured into the glass at the top of the tower until they overflow. That extra champagne then trickles down into the glasses below.

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