3 Fun Ways to End Your Wedding Day Festivities

You want every moment of your wedding day to be special for you and your guests so you can cherish those memories forever. Each part of the wedding reception should be carefully planned, right to the last moment.

Here are some fun ways to cap off the festivities.

Perform for Your Guests

If you and your new spouse are musically talented, take the opportunity to show off in front of your family members and friends. You may decide to perform a well-known tune, or you may prefer to compose an original song that refers to your personalities and milestones in your relationship. If you both know how to dance, you can perform a choreographed routine.

Draw the Evening to a Close with a Final Dance

The last dance can end the night on the emotional note that you want. You can select a slow and romantic song, or you can end the party with a bang by having all your guests get out on the floor for a high-energy final dance.

Whichever option you choose, have the DJ or band announce to guests that it will be the last dance. That will give them an opportunity to participate if they want to and will also let them know that after the dance is over, it’s time to make their way to the doors.

Make a Grand Exit

You and your spouse can bid adieu to your guests in a memorable way. If your reception will be held at night, you may want to have guests line up with sparklers or glow sticks. If the venue and local laws will allow it, you can cap off the evening with a fireworks display. For a daytime reception, guests can shower you with flower petals or blow bubbles as you make your way to the car that will carry you off to embark on your honeymoon.

No matter how you decide to end your wedding day festivities, you want to be sure that the entire affair will be spectacular and that you, your relatives, and your friends will always remember it.

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