3 Reasons Mid-Week Weddings Are Worth It

If you’re a newly engaged couple beginning your wedding planning journey, you’ve arrived during a unique time. While 2020 changed some of the ways celebrations happen, there are also new benefits that have emerged and one of the biggest that’s likely here to stay are Mid-week weddings.

Prior to the infamous COVID-19 shutdowns that occurred last year, mid-week weddings weren’t very popular. Most guests preferred a weekend wedding when they were off of work – and better yet a summer wedding when vacation season was on.

While these are still some of the most popular times to celebrate a wedding, mid-week weddings happening from Tues-Thursday, have become a very popular and accepted option now.

What first started as a rush to get all of the postponed weddings completed after reopening, is quickly becoming a regular wedding recurrence. In fact, couples and guests are learning to love this option now. Here are 3 top reasons why mid-week weddings are worth it!

1.  Opportunity to Book an Exclusive Venue

Topping the list of reasons why weddings that happen during the middle of the week should be considered is that they can be done at a fraction of the cost of weekend weddings. For couples planning their day, the opportunity to host your wedding at a venue that wasn’t in your budget before is now suddenly an option. Best of all – you’ll get the same high-quality service and food you’ve heard everyone else raving about from these venues for your own big day.

2.  Pass Cost Savings to Your Guests

Your guests can also enjoy the perks of reduced travel and lodging expenses as well. Weekday vacancies at hotels drive down room rates and the same is true for airlines. If you’re planning a destination wedding or a more intimate affair and inviting guests who are close to you – then chances are they will make the event no matter what day it is happening. So you can celebrate your nuptials intimately while keeping costs lower for everyone.

3.  Access to Highly Requested Vendors

Finally, and perhaps one of the most popular reasons couples are booking weekday weddings is that you gain access to highly requested vendors who otherwise are booked up so far in advance that getting them to be at your event wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. From photographers to florists Bands, and DJs to bakers – your dream elements could be available to you and even at a discount if you’re having a mid-week wedding.

Don’t wait! The best venues are already booking into 2024! 

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