3 Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

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If you’re sweating about your wedding vows, then don’t worry, we’re going to help. First, you should know that very few people are skilled public speakers, and even fewer are skilled speech writers. Stop comparing your vows to all those wedding moments you’ve seen in the movies. Having writer’s block is completely normal and expected. If you sit down to really think about it, the words will come. The trick is to ask yourself these 3 simple questions

When Did You Know They Were the One?

When you’re stuck, the best thing you can do is start from the beginning: think back to the moment you knew that you wanted to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend. One angle is to incorporate this feeling into a very short story: give voice to these feelings that you’re now revisiting. What was it about them that made you come to this decision? Got it? Good, write it down!

Can You Imagine Your Future Together?

Marriage is a promise to face the future together; so once you’ve finished talking about the feeling or moment when you knew that you wanted to marry this person, share your vision of the future that you want to share with them. What do you want to accomplish with them? Make a declaration for every decade to follow or tell them what you will do when you’re both old and grey. Remember that being serious and romantic is fine, but there’s also nothing wrong with being comedic either. Have fun with it!

What Can’t Your Partner Live Without?

Nobody should know the answer to this quite as well as you. Besides you, what are some things in life that are extremely important to your partner? Does he make football Sunday a weekly ritual that cannot be missed? Does she go to the beach religiously every summer? Vow to ensure that you’ll always do your best to make these things happen. While family and friends may be aware of some of these things, don’t be afraid to share inside jokes. After all, your wedding day is about the two of you. If they’re the only ones who understand what you’re saying or how you’re saying it, then good! Make it a moment that you can relive with each other forever!

Have You Picked Your Wedding Venue Yet?

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