5 Things Every Bride Needs for Her Wedding Day

For a bride, the day of her actual wedding day is beyond special – and it should be. It is a big deal and many have been dreaming and planning for it since childhood. After all of the preparation, list-making and sacrifices, when it’s finally time to walk down the aisle, you certainly want it to be picture-perfect. Not a hair out of place and every detail is just as you envisioned it. 

Here are a few things to help make the day even more special, easier to navigate, and more comfortable. 

We don’t always think about how our feet are going to feel 3 hours into the festivities or how we’ll touch up loose hair during the photography portion of the day. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have items you should consider taking along with you for our big day. 

Comfortable Shoe Change

Even if you wear heels every day and have no problem standing for hours in them, you’ll still want to pack an extra pair of comfy shoes to switch into. Getting out into a grassy field for the perfect photo op or dancing with your guests all night will require some comfort and going barefoot doesn’t have to be the only option. Pack a light slip-on shoe or flip-flops, no one will even know you’ve changed them under all that dress!

Small Hair & Makeup Touch Up Kit

Hair and makeup are critical elements to bringing together the whole look for your wedding day. If you know your first look will be evoking tears before the day even gets started, you need a touch-up kit ready. If it’s raining or if the weather is particularly muggy – all of these things can wreak havoc on even the most flawless hairdo and makeup application. Put key items like face powder, lipstick, and a small hairspray in the bag to help keep your look fresh all night long.


Did we mention the tears? They’re likely to start falling early in the day. When you see your bridal party – when your mother helps put your jewelry on. When you see everything set up and waiting for you to begin the service. All of it is going to make you cry. Having tissues close by to keep your mascara from running and your eyes wiped is a must. 


It can be really easy to forget to eat with everything going on during your wedding day festivities but if you carry a light snack (sneak it into your makeup bag) it can help along the way if you’re in need of an energy boost or just trying to calm your stomach from making noises. A small granola bar is a great choice for on the go.

Stain Remover Pen 

When you aren’t dancing, taking pics, or wiping tears from your eyes – you’ll be spending some time enjoying all the delectables of your wedding ceremony. Just in case a spot of sauce falls or a sudden stain appears, having a stain remover pen on hand can easily get rid of the problem and save time and frustration trying to clean it all night.

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