8 Items Every Bride Needs in Her Wedding Day Kit

Brides often find that the morning of their wedding is hectic no matter how much preparing and planning they have done in advance. There are always things to get done and a clock that’s ticking. It’s too easy for little things to be overlooked. 

Plus, as the bride, you’re going to be the center of attention at the wedding. You want to look and feel your best on your special day and to do that, you need to know that emergency items you could need in a pinch are available to you.

Because we want you to feel comfortable and beautiful during your big day, we’ve included some items that may help with minor mishaps. Here’s a list of things you’ll definitely want in your bag:

  1. Band-Aids 

It’s too easy to snag your finger or get a cut as you’re getting in and out of your dress and doing other tasks for the day. Having band-aids on hand to quickly address this will give you peace of mind that there won’t be a mess left behind on your gown.

  1. Aspirin/Pain Reliever

Headaches, backaches, and cramps can be pesky and oftentimes sneak up out of nowhere. Aspirin is a great option to help ease those pains away.

  1. Gum, Breath Mints, or Mouthwash

A pack of gum or breath mints is a great way to ward off concerns about bad breath. A small amount can go a long way in helping to feel confident about your fresh breath. 

  1. Bobby Pins  

Having a few extra just-in-case bobby pins to secure your hair in place if it happens to come loose is a great idea so you’ll always be photo-ready.

  1. Small Sewing Box

Every bride needs a sewing box. It’s one of those things that will get you through any wedding day mishap. You can use the needle and thread to sew up tears in your dress, or safety pins if you’re in a pinch. It should also include scissors which are useful for cutting off loose threads from your veil and tights and tape for fixing other situations.

  1. Phone Charger/Power Pack

You may be texting and talking more than you usually do as you’re preparing for your big day. If you drain your phone’s battery and miss a special moment it could be incredibly stressful. Rather than chance it, pack a phone charger with you and a power pack so you don’t even have to look for an outlet!

  1. Stain Removing Pen

A stain-removing pen is basically a magic wand for your dress. It will remove any stains that appear on your dress and can be a lifesaver for those inevitable situations when you spill something. Stain removal pens are easy to find, but make sure the one you buy is safe for the type of fabric in your dress.

  1. Makeup Wipes

It may be something as simple as smudging mascara from crying or having lipstick get on your teeth, either way, having a few makeup remover wipes handy is essential for fixing any mishaps on the big day.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas for the things that will make your wedding day one you can focus on and remember for all its special moments. 

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