All About Enhancements: Unique Things to Have at Your Wedding

If you’re like many people out there, you’re probably searching around online for some of the best ways to add personality and a ‘wow’ factor to your big day. You want to do something that leaves a memorable impression with guests- a few special touches throughout the night that really make your day special. To achieve this next level of splendor, consider adding enhancements.

Your venue may offer a number of these enhancements in addition to standard wedding packages or you could contract with a third party for your ideas. Either way, remember to have fun and enjoy every second!

Here are some of the newest, emerging trends worth considering for enhancements at your wedding.

Décor Enhancements

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Ice Sculpture – Ice sculptures are fun enhancements for a wedding because they are truly breathtaking and they also offer practicality. This can be an elegant liquor delivery system, a fun way to enjoyed spirits or you can kick things up a notch and create an entire bar carved out of ice. Talk about visually appealing!

Staged Seating – Weddings are about so much more today than just sitting down for a meal or going out on the dance floor for the night. Today’s weddings present an opportunity for a new fun and unique experiences guests will long remember. Consider changing up the seating and table layout. Instead of clusters of tables gathered around the dance floor. Created seating areas that a comfortable with couches for guests to chat or some pub tables for mingling around the bar.

Fun Extras for Guests

Cigar Rolling Station – Big celebrations call for a cigar for many. What better way to get the guys involved in the big day festivities than with cigars. Today you can take cigar bars to the next level and hire a professional cigar roller on site who provides a fresh hand-rolled cigar for a fun, memorable feature your guests will love.

High-tech Photo Booth – Photo booths add a really fun element to any party. They’re a way to gather with others at the event and literally capture the happiness in a still image. Today though, photo booths have gone high tech. No more holding up paper cutouts on a stick and waiting for the photos to develop. High tech booths can shoot video, live stream and even use green screens to transport for a mini photoshoot your guests can’t get enough of.

Food Enhancements

Sushi Station- Sushi is a food enjoyed by so many. The best way to eat the favored food is freshly rolled and made custom to your liking. Take this wonderful option for your wedding by adding a sushi station alongside your appetizer buffet. Guests will love the fresh, hand-rolled sushi and enjoy the customization options.

Food Truck – End the night right with some foods everyone is craving after a night of dancing and fun. Food trucks are some of the most favored places to grab comfort foods. A taco truck, ice cream truck or even a pizza truck serving up some of the best treats people crave as they end the big day could make a lasting impression to comforts the bellies of satisfied guests on their way out.

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