Creating a Memorable Send-Off: Unique Ideas for Spring and Summer Wedding Exits

The way that you leave your wedding reception is just as important as the way you enter. You want to make a memorable exit before you dash off to begin your honeymoon.

Your wedding send-off should be fun and memorable, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate or expensive. Here are some send-off ideas for your spring or summer wedding.

Wedding Wands

Your guests can wave wedding wands or streamers as you leave the reception and head off to your honeymoon destination. Wedding wands and streamers can create a festive atmosphere, and they look spectacular in photos. You can customize them with your choice of colors and size. If you want to make your send-off even more special, you can create custom pennants instead. As a bonus, your family and friends will be able to take them home and keep them as wedding favors.

Eco-Friendly Confetti

For years, it was common for family and friends to shower a newly married couple with confetti as they left the reception. Nowadays, many venues don’t allow traditional confetti, and couples shy away from it due to concerns about the environmental impact. Biodegradable confetti can let you and your guests take part in the time-honored tradition in an environmentally responsible way.

Palm Fronds

If you’re planning to get married during the summer or you’re having a destination wedding in a hot, sunny locale, consider handing out palm fronds that your guests can wave like fans as you leave the reception. They’ll make for stunning photos, and everyone will welcome the refreshing breeze that they produce.


When planning a wedding send-off, people tend to focus on the visual aspect. To make your exit unique, consider having your guests create music as you leave the venue. You can distribute bells, tambourines, kazoos, or another type of music maker that doesn’t require any previous training or musical talent.

Host Your Wedding Reception at a Luxurious Venue

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