Deciding On A Wedding Theme

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Among the many details you will be managing when planning your Connecticut wedding will be choosing and laying out a theme for the wedding. The theme acts as a backdrop for your special event to unfold and you’ll want a theme that not only matches your unique personality but is also fitting for the time of year and the wedding venue. At The Riverhouse we want your wedding to be as magical and memorable as possible so we offer some tips for choosing a wedding theme that will make your wedding a day to remember.

The Season

Depending on the time of year you’ve scheduled for your wedding you may be limited when it comes to themes. Obviously a tropical paradise motif won’t go over well in the middle of winter since you are most likely indoors and the costs of creating an island atmosphere indoors may be way beyond your budget. Consider the season your wedding coincides with and try to find themes that will match up well with the time of year.

Classic or Modern

There are as many wedding themes as your imagination will allow for but most themes fall under classic or modern ideas. When planning a theme for your wedding consider if it works with an upscale or casual wedding and choose accordingly. You will also want to tour the wedding venue you’ve selected to see if it fits a traditional or more contemporary décor.

What makes you Unique?

Your friends and family will surely have suggestions for a theme but when it comes down to choosing a theme trust in yourself and keep in mind what makes you special. Don’t choose a theme simply because it is popular or easy, go for a theme that reflects your personality and makes you happy. Spend some time with your loved one and figure out a style and décor that typifies your special relationship and go with what your heart tells you.

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