Hair & Makeup Ideas for 2021 Wedding Season

We’re now in the full swing of 2021 wedding season and with couples ready to finally say I do – you’re probably invited to quite a few upcoming events. If you’re looking for the best hair and makeup looks to wear to these events, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s hot for 2021 weddings.

Half Up, Half Down with a Twist

Traditionally, wearing your hair up or down was a debate when it came to formal events. Thankfully there is now a middle ground. We’re seeing many wedding guests arriving with beautifully done half up and half down hairdos that include the perfect ringlets of curls and a unique twist at the tie to add another layer of elegance topped with a rhinestone hairpiece or fresh cut flower.

Side Braids

If you’re more into the Boho look, with a hairstyle that is relaxed and not so perfect and dainty then a side braid is a great option. These styles mimic festival hair and have the look of just done quickly with a few stray hairs falling but still looking perfectly gentle and feminine. Terrific for outdoor daytime weddings and any country, farm wedding chic.

Ruby Lip Beauty

Makeup trends are some of the most fun to follow when it comes to events. Since they change so frequently based on seasons and celebrity influence you can quickly go from best lipstick shade ever to outdated. If you’ll be attending a wedding this summer and want to have one of the most in-demand looks – choose red lips. Ruby lips are all about that bombshell, classic beauty feels and they look incredible at day or nighttime events.

Smokey Blush Tones

If you want something with a little more statement and attitude, then consider adding smoky blush tones to the eyes and lips. This subtle look with an attitude stands out and really adds a sultry beauty to any look.

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