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If you forgo an engagement party, the bridal shower will then most likely be your wedding kick-off event. There are a whole series of parties and events that lead up to a wedding but none have the importance and tradition of a bridal shower. This special event celebrates the bride-to-be and often includes a cocktail reception, buffet style catering and of course gift giving. When you’re ready to start planning a bridal shower keep some tips in mind to make it a memorable one.

Find a Location

Some brides choose to have casual gatherings in their homes while others want to make an event out of the occasion and reserve banquet facilities and private party rooms to hold larger groups of people. No matter what your option is make sure in advance to reserve any space you plan on using for a bridal shower. These events can involve catering, live entertainment and open bars and it’s important to know the venue you select is able to meet your demands.

Plan a Menu

After you’ve decided where to host your bridal shower your next concern will be the catering. Getting gifts is easy but keeping all your guests well fed is another matter. If you want a successful bridal shower it’s best to plan in advance when it comes to catering so you have an event that is fun for everyone to be at. Whether you are having a formal sit-down dinner or open buffet you will want to discuss with the caterer your ideas and their abilities to determine what the best menu will be. You will also want to discuss open bars and beverage choices.

Choose a Theme

You have already selected a theme for your wedding so it’s a good idea to have a bridal shower that continues that theme or incorporates it in a way that makes for a fitting lead-in to the wedding. If your wedding is in the summer and your shower is in the spring you can hint at the coming celebration with décor and food that whet the appetite for a summer party. Remember, the shower is a time-honored preamble to the wedding so plan accordingly to make yours an event to remember.

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