How to Build a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding day hiccups are something no bride wants to even think about. After all, you’ve spent valuable time planning, choosing and perfecting every detail. How could something possibly go wrong? And while true chaos is not likely to ensue, there are always those little small details that can make the day less pleasing than you’d like it to be.

For all those small, potential, mini issues, there is some preplanning you can do to quickly resolve them and move on to the moments you’ll actually want to cherish.

The first step in preparing for any issue is to take inventory of what could go wrong. Think about what you would consider a fire drill you’d like to get ahead of… things like forgetting your sunglasses on the counter at home, a smear of makeup on your dress, an ashy elbow?

Once you’ve made a list of the things you’d like to have a fix for, work with your maid of honor, mother, friend or sister who will likely be with you the entire day and make her the point person for said “emergency kit.”

Choose a carry bag or container and consider adding some of the following items as security on your big day.

  • Sewing Kit – Since snags can happen easily and buttons have a tendency to pop when you need them most, having a sewing kit on hand will help reassure you that everything is clipped in place and nothing’s out of order.
    fixing wedding dress

  • Snack– Whether you’re busy running around and totally forget to eat or if nerves kill your appetite, at some point, your hunger will hit. Have a small snack on hand to help you stay focused and full.
  • Water – Nothing worse than dry mouth. You don’t want to greet your guests or kiss your new partner in life without some water. Throw a few mints and some floss in your bag too.
  • Super glue – For all those emergencies when a nail pops off, embellishments come loose or a heel snaps, super glue will be your quick and trustworthy solution.
  • Lotion– After all the time you’ve spent preparing for this day, the last thing you need is dry hands or ashy elbows. Keep a small bottle of lotion handy so your skin is supple and refreshed throughout the day.
  • OTC medicine – Quick relief for a headache, nausea or whatever other symptoms your nerves might bring forward is important. Be sure to take some over the counter pain relievers along for the day.
  • Stain Remover Pen – In case you spill something early on in the reception before you’ve had a chance to take pictures with the cake and guests, a stain pen will be useful.
  • Earring backs/clasps, safety pins, bobby pins – All of these little miscellaneous items might be the only thing you end up really needing to save your wedding day so don’t forget to bring them!

Armed with this backup emergency kit in hand you’ll feel at ease as you prepare for your big wedding day.

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