Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue Manager

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When a bride and groom get started on planning their special wedding day one of the important tasks will be selecting a location for their wedding reception. There are many venues and facilities in Connecticut that cater to weddings but not all will be right for your specific wedding so when you are ready to start touring wedding venues be sure to have a list of questions for the manager so you can ensure you get the facility that is right for your wedding.


Depending on the time of year you may want your wedding reception to be held inside or outside. However, if you are having an early fall wedding or late spring wedding you may have the option for both indoor and outdoor reception events and if you are hoping for an outdoor location for photographs or indoor rooms for dining know in advance that the venue can accommodate your wishes. Some venues are strictly indoors while others can feature outdoor terraces, patios and gardens for cocktails and photo shoots. Inquire with the wedding venue manager about the spaces provided so you can plan in advance.


Some wedding venues will have in-house catering complete with servers, bartenders and chef attended stations while others simply provide the building itself. In your initial wedding planning stages find out if the wedding venue you are considering offers catering, what kind of wedding menus are available and if they include staff. If the venue does not provide catering find out from the manager where a catering company can set up and if they need to bring chairs and tables. Assuming a wedding facility will have everything you need may be big mistake and you don’t want to find out at the last minute that the sit-down dinner you planned has no wait staff.


Before you start looking at wedding locations have a rough idea of the number of guests you plan on having attend. In the initial planning you will have a master list of the people you will invite and thought not everyone on that list will attend it will give you a good idea of how many people you should expect. Some venues are ideal for large weddings that feature 300+ guests while others are more suited for smaller gatherings of less than 100 and when you know the approximate number of guests you can narrow your search for appropriate wedding venues. However, it’s always a good idea during your tour of a facility to ask how many people it can hold and if it has bridal suites, private rooms and lounge areas.

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