The Riverhouse Focuses on Sustainability with Latest Upgrades

Every effort made to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints is a step in the right direction. Less pollution and cleaner air protects our future and is the responsibility of all people.

Business investments in sustainability are increasing today. In a continued effort to go green, The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station recently made a number of energy upgrades at its facility.

The Riverhouse

The latest upgrades not only lessens The Riverhouse’s carbon footprint, but also make it possible for the venue to provide state of the art technology and efficiency for all guests to enjoy as they gather at the facility to celebrate memory-making special events.

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station is Connecticut’s premier venue for traditional and specialty events. Overlooking the Connecticut River and across from the GoodSpeed Opera House and historic Haddam Swing Bridge, The River house offers guests a world-class experience with elegance and style.

Lighting Upgrades

The latest upgrades include the installation of all new LED lighting including fixtures as well as new dimmers and motion detectors that shut off back of house lighting and digital timers for exterior lighting.

Lighting options can easily set the mood and tone for special events and weddings. Want to make a dramatic entrance for the guest of honor? Set the mood for the special first dance? Lighting is a great way to do it.

HVAC Investments

To improve heating and cooling capabilities at the venue, The Riverhouse also installed new HVAC energy saving controls as well as a new enthalpy system. This will bring in outside air to cool the rooms so less air conditioning is needed and energy savings are made.

The Riverhouse is the flagship location of Riverhouse Hospitality (RHH) a management and ownership group with award-winning wedding and event venues including The Society Room in Hartford, Connecticut and a separate off-site catering company, Riverhouse Catering.

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