Tips for Discovering Your Wedding Style

Getting engaged is the starting point of a beautiful journey to your big day. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this moment your whole life, or never imagined you’d be here – there is so much that goes into making your wedding day truly wonderful and perfect. 

If you’ve already started endlessly scrolling through Pinterest and wedding hashtags on Instagram, then you probably know that there is just so much inspiration online to pull from that it’s almost overwhelming. Do you choose the beautiful rustic barn-style wedding with an outdoor setting that’s stylish(?), inviting, and makes for incredible photo memories? Or do you go for over-the-top ballroom elegance and wed like a princess? So many colors, cakes, and flower options and that’s not even half of it. 

If you’re trying to decide what exactly your wedding style should be and the big day’s overall vision, here are some suggestions as you move forward through your wedding planning journey.

Start with a Vision Board 

Vision boards have become popular today because they help visualize and actualize goals. There’s something so comforting about mapping out a plan and having a point of reference whenever you take on something new. For your wedding, create a vision board where you can start to piece together some of the inspirations you’ve seen online with dreams and ideas you have always had. Then step back and look at the overall big picture to ensure it all works together. When completed you’ll have a much clearer vision of where your wedding style falls and what colors and options you should choose to work well together. 

Don’t Go off of what’s Trendy 

It’s too easy to be captivated by incredible images online or influenced by how others have chosen to celebrate their big day – but remember this is your day and it should have your personalized mark on it. While trendy can be fun, remember to stick to your gut instinct on how you’d like your wedding day to look and feel. You’ll be far more satisfied when looking back years later that you did as you always dreamed instead of what was “in” at the moment. 

Share with Your Fiancé 

If you want to really pull out the wedding style that’s going to work best for your big day, then you can’t leave the other piece of the puzzle out of the equation. Get your fiancés input and hear more about what they would like to see as far as colors, options, food, and themes at the wedding so that there are facets of both of you at your event. 

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