Tips For Planning Spring Weddings

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Spring is one of the most beautiful and scenic times of year in Connecticut. After a long winter, the New England landscape begins to come alive in bright colors with flowers, trees and bushes providing a vivid and appealing backdrop. Spring is a perfect time to have a wedding and many couples in Connecticut choose the months of March, April and May for their ceremony.

At The Riverhouse we want your spring wedding to be a magical day to remember, so we offer some helpful tips that will make planning your wedding easier.

  • Indoor or Outdoor – An important decision to make concerning a spring wedding is whether to have the ceremony and reception indoors or outdoors. Since you are reserving the wedding facility months in advance it’s hard to tell if the weather will be warm and sunny or cool with rain. Spring can be very hard to predict in Connecticut and for a day as important as your wedding you don’t want the weather playing a factor. Choose early on if you will be hosting the reception inside or outdoors and if you are having it outside take into account that the weather may be cool and possibly rainy.
  • Seasonal Catering – Your wedding will most likely be catered by a professional and a good tip for spring wedding menus is to go with appetizers and entrees that will feature seasonal favorites. With fresh vegetables being harvested this time of year it makes sense to include these tasty items in your wedding menu with garden salads and grilled vegetables. Skip the heavier fare often associated with the winter months, and instead opt for chicken or fish that feature citrusy marinades and fresh herbs.
  • Light & Colorful Themes – It’s always a good idea to match your wedding theme with the season. Spring is a carefree and colorful time of year and it will look great when you decorate your ceremony or wedding venue in soft hues such as pink, lavender, lime and yellow. Look for floral bouquets that capture the spirit of spring and decorate your hall or banquet facility with the airy touch of spring’s most popular plants and flowers.
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