Wedding Planning Tips Couples Wish They’d Known Sooner

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. You’ve probably read and heard a lot of advice. Some of it may have been helpful, and some may have made you feel even more stressed out. Here are some essential tips that every couple should know.

Figure out Your Top Priorities

Every wedding needs a venue, food, music, flowers, a photographer, a videographer, invitations, and attire. Couples have different styles and may rank those factors differently in terms of priority.

Decide which aspects of the wedding are most important to you and which are less important so you can figure out how to allocate your budget. Set aside extra money for unanticipated expenses.

Be Strategic When Making a Guest List

You may not be able to invite everyone that you, your future spouse, and both of your families would like to invite to the wedding, either because of budget constraints or because you can’t find a large enough venue. Figure out which groups of people you definitely want at the wedding, such as family members and close friends, and make a list. Once you see how many people are on that list, you can decide whether to invite children, acquaintances, and coworkers and whether to let single people bring a guest.

It’s important to set a clear policy and follow it consistently. If someone complains, say the decision was based on your budget or the size of the venue. Don’t bend the rules for some people because that can lead to hurt feelings and resentment.

Book a Venue as Early as Possible

Competition for wedding venues is fierce, and couples make their reservations well in advance to reserve the dates they want. Once you’ve figured out the type of location you’d prefer and approximately how many guests you want to invite, start scouting venues.

Be flexible on the date. Saturday evenings tend to be the most in-demand times. You may be able to get the venue you want (and a lower rate) if you book your wedding for a Friday evening, a Sunday, or a weekday.

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