Weekday Weddings Trending As COVID-19 Restrictions Loosen

Fresh on the heels of wedding season, here in Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is loosening restrictions set almost one year ago on larger event gatherings. As more vaccine distribution occurs and the numbers for COVID hospitalizations decline this news is a welcome sign to restoration – especially for the couples who have been waiting patiently to finally tie the knot.

In addition to 2021 shaping up to be one of the busiest wedding years yet as a result of engaged couples locking in a date to finally say, “I do”, there are unique trends beginning to emerge. Things like outdoor formats to accommodate large crowds or theme updates to match an available location – are just some of the ways couples are ensuring their special day is on the calendar. Many couples and venues are even shifting to weekday weddings and this is a trend that’s quickly catching on.

Here are just a few reasons why a weekday wedding in Connecticut can be just the celebration you have always dreamed of!

Book the Venue You Always Dreamed Of

Your wedding day should be a dream come true in every sense. If you have always pictured a certain backdrop or venue, choosing a weekday to host your wedding can ensure you’re still able to book that location. That means even the venues that are typically in high-demand and that quickly fill up, can still be yours. Start the conversation with preferred vendors and locations early so you can map it all out and see if the day can come together just as you’d always imagined – even if it ends up being a weekday.

Great for Smaller, Intimate Gatherings

If you’re hoping for your big day to be surrounded only by your closest family and friends, then a weekday wedding could be a great, cost-effective move. Smaller events also remove some of the barriers to spending close time with your loved ones on your special day so it’s definitely worth considering as you plan what day to get married.

Plus, as we mentioned, many are working to get their businesses up and running again and you may be able to secure some discounts and even upgrade your options with that extra money! There are so many ways that choosing a weekday wedding can help you to have a spectacular wedding you’ll never forget!

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station is an elegant and private wedding venue that will provide you and your guests with a world-class experience that’s unmatched anywhere. Whatever day you book to celebrate, you’ll receive upscale services, an incredible view overlooking the Connecticut River spanned by the historic Swing Bridge, and an experience that you and your guests will never forget!


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