2019 Engagement Trends & How to Get Started Planning Your Wedding

Today, in 2019, many people are turning to the Internet to let everyone know that they have gotten engaged. Shouting this moment from the rooftops continues to be the go-to way to let the world know what’s just happened and the journey that’s ahead.

They’re also finding ways to assist with the planning for their big day online. From pre-engagement research to choosing the perfect venue, flowers, and dress, the Web has made it easy for couples to find the information they need and to keep everyone they care about in the loop.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest engagement trends out there and what you should do to start planning once you’ve been proposed to.

Hot Engagement Trends

If we’re being honest, most people do a bit of wedding research before they even get engaged. They may look at wedding dresses and local venues or look at a variety of engagement ring designs. You’re not alone if you’ve been dreaming of this day long before you even had a significant other!

Make an Experience Out of the Proposal

When the day of the big proposal finally arrives, couples today are choosing to include their loved ones in the experience as opposed to one-on-one. Creating a big experience out of it with family and friends to also witness the proposal and even having other people actively involved are all part of how engagements are happening today.

Get Focused & Organized

One of the best ways to keep organized and focused on all matters related to your upcoming wedding as the rest of life continues to happen around you is to create a dedicated email address specifically for all communications and documentation related to your event. This makes it easier to see everything in one central location, plus you’ll immediately know that an email that’s come through to the address is related to the wedding. This is also a terrific option for offering guests a place to communicate with you regarding details of your big day or even as a reply option for meal choices.

Suggested email addresses for weddings:

  • Jimandpaulasbigday@gmail.com
  • Jimandpaula110399@gmail.com
  • jimpaulawedding@gmail.com

Create a Hashtag

With just about everyone on social media these days, creating a hashtag for the wedding event has become more and more common. In addition to creating a central location to see all happenings for the big day, couples are starting the hashtag trend as early as their engagement so that people can follow along in their journey leading up to the wedding day.

Choose a Trendy Ring

Long gone are the days when being proposed to with a diamond ring was a must. Today couples are breaking away from the tradition and changing things up with their engagements. From changing up the stone setting to opting for different stone colors, the goal is to choose something that has more meaning behind it.

Now Start Planning Your Wedding

If you have recently become engaged, you will have a lot of planning to do. While you don’t need to rush, you will need to get the ball rolling relatively soon so you will have time to explore your options and to make decisions and reservations. Start with recommendations from friends and family and do your own research on the web.  Whether you need a venue, florist, baker, or DJ, you can find a wealth of information, videos, photos and reviews all over the Web to start narrowing down your choices.

Other things to consider and read about as you plan your wedding details out include which types of foods to serve, how to decide which dress design would be most flattering for you, and when to start each part of the ceremony. You’ll quickly realize that making checklists so you don’t forget anything is your new favorite pastime. Remember though, your wedding day is a day that’s dedicated to celebrating you and your partner’s love and commitment to one another. You can make your wedding as simple or elaborate as you want – the choice for all the details are yours!

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