Incorporating Cultural Traditions at Your Wedding

Most everyone knows that on a wedding day, there are only two people who matter most. It’s true. As the newlyweds tie the knot, it’s all about their dreams and wishes coming to life that day.

In our modern culture, weddings have transformed. They now happen at any location, at any time and all with a unique and special twist to them. Still, many couples want to keep at least some classic and traditional elements in the day’s affair.

If you’re trying to decide how to add some traditional customs to your wedding and do it in a way that is still tasteful and flows naturally with the rest of the event, here’s where to start.

Research the History

Whether you turn to the Internet for research or talk to one of your relatives, you’ll want to understand what traditional weddings from your culture typically included. There are plenty of resources online today including videos that will give you a sneak peek into wedding celebrations across many different cultures. Understanding why certain things are done at a ceremony may also help you in deciding which cultural elements you want to also practice at your wedding.

Make a List

Yep. More lists. Take the time to sit down with your significant other to talk about the things you’ve discovered while researching. Think about the traditions you remember from weddings you attended as a child, and what your hopes are for your own big day. Once you have a list of what you’d both like to include, it will be easier to narrow down and find which rituals will fit in with the rest of the day.

Consider Food & Music

It’s not just about throwing the bouquet or wearing something borrowed, blue, old and new – and whatever other traditions have been passed down from the generations. There are also lots of ways to tie in cultural aspects on your big day simply with selecting food dishes or playing music from the culture. Maybe there’s a memorable song that works perfectly for the day or a favorite dish that’s a custom at large gatherings – even a traditional dessert. Work with the caterer or event venue to narrow down a menu you’re happy to share with guests.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Over the Top

If your cultural upbringing plays a major role in your life and you want it to be a central part of your wedding day, don’t be afraid to go over the top. Wear traditional garb, rent an elephant, have a ceremony in another language. Some couples are even choosing to have two separate events for their weddings.

Multicultural weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and can incorporate elements from the couple’s different heritages to make it a truly unique and whimsical event.   Whatever you feel is best, is going to make those special memories that last and last.

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