3 Great Wedding Snacks To Offer After Dinner

Even if your wedding dinner is amazing, people are bound to get hungry once they start tearing it up on the dance floor. Yes, there’s always desert, but not everyone cares for sweets. Some guests would rather something hearty–something that could give them the energy they need to keep dancing long into the night (while enjoying cocktails!). Sounds exciting, right? Well, it is! Here’s 3 of our favorite after dinner snacks

Hot dog & Hamburger Sliders

Image Credits: Devlin Photography

There’s nothing like a juicy hot dog or hamburger slider after a night of dancing! Pair it with your favorite toppings at the Slider Bar and you can’t go wrong!

Popcorn Station

Popcorn is the ultimate movie theater  staple, and what’s a better show than a wedding? To make it really unique, offer different toppings, like cinnamon, powdered sugar, or chocolate.

Fried Food Station

French fries, waffles, chicken fingers, fried green tomatoes, corn dogs–so many foods taste extra good when they’re fried!

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