Important Maid of Honor Duties

Being asked to be a Maid of Honor for your sister or best friend’s wedding is something many have dreamed of almost as much as being a bride themselves.

If you’ve been asked to take on this role, Congrats!

You’ve got pretty big shoes to fill.

In fact, you’re committing to one of the most important roles in the whole event. Being side by side with the bride, assisting as needed with her planning, being there for her emotional and mental support throughout it all and lifting any extra burdens when it’s time to celebrate the big day, are just some of the responsibilities you’ve inherited.

Here is a general timeline with a few things you’ll be responsible for or should consider helping with when it comes to this wedding.

After You’re Asked

Once you’re done sharing a sentimental moment with the bride to be, it’s time to get right to work. Whether you start posting the exciting news for other friends and family to see on social media or dive right into the Internet searches for venues and ideas, it’s important to get serious and get involved. There’s a lot to do leading up to the big day.

During the Planning Phases

While there are a lot of decisions that the couple will make together for their wedding day, brides lean on their maid of honor for all the other small details. Like which florist will be able to deliver to the venue on that date, how the seating chart will be organized and where the bridesmaids will gather for the first dress fitting. While the bride is taking care of most of the decisions it will fall on you to assist with all the other details so she can keep her cool and enjoy the planning experience.

Celebratory pre-Events

Another fun and exciting thing the Maid of Honor gets to be a part of is the pre-event celebrations. Not only partaking in them but even hosting, planning, and bringing those celebrations to life. Traditionally a Maid of Honor would throw the bridal shower and maybe host the Bachelorette party. Today customs are changing like having friends chip in for the celebrations or the family may offer to pay for these events. It’s important to maintain an open line of communications with the bride for all planning and budgeting.

At the Wedding

On the big day, you’ll get center stage with the bride. You’ll enter alone down the aisle just before her, you’ll give a memorable speech before the toast and you’ll be seated at the head table along with the Best Man as the important guests for the day. Throughout the night you’ll be assisting with greeting guests, ensuring the bride is comfortable, has eaten, and is looking great for photo ops all night long.

After the Wedding

Once the party is over and the rings are on, there will be some post-wedding tasks that a Maid of Honor can help with. This includes sending thank you notes out to guests, storing and sorting through any gifts from the bridal shower and wedding, and being there for the bride as she embarks on her newly married life.

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