3 Ways the Wedding Party Can Support Couples During COVID-19

If you’ve ever been asked to play a role in someone’s wedding day, you know how vital that task is. Not just showing up on the big day and representing your friend at wedding-related parties and for photos – or the party — there’s more. You’re someone the couple feels close to and they want you to be part of their big day.

You’re there to provide support as much as companionship and a listening ear as they go through the wedding planning leading up to the day when their nerves are fraying until they make that special walk down the aisle.

Today, amid COVID-19, that role has become even more critical.

With weddings transforming and old traditions seeing their end of life at these events, it’s an uncertain time for everyone. As a wedding party member, it only means you should take on this role knowing your dedication to offering support and trust is even more critical.

If you’re still unsure exactly what that means, here are 3 ways the wedding party can offer couples support during their COVID-19 wedding.

1. Be Sure to Check-In Often

If there’s one emotion most everyone can relate to since the pandemic began, it’s feeling alone. As newly engaged couples use virtual tools to try and plan their wedding, it’s essential that you let them know that you’re there for them if needed. Even if social outings have been limited and less time in person is being spent, it’s a good idea to still check in with a quick email or text message letting the couple know that they are on your mind and you are present when needed.

2. Offer to Help

With all of the new regulations on social distancing in place and couples navigating uncharted waters to plan and book their wedding event, it can feel awkward asking people to help with tasks. It shouldn’t be. As a friend of the couple and as someone who has accepted the responsibility of being in the wedding party, be happy to help. People are unsure these days about asking for favors like if you’d be willing to travel to a dress shop or florist. If you’re clear from the beginning that you are there to help, they will be put at ease and be able to enjoy the process more.

3. Make Yourself Available

If the couple is already dealing with the frantic scramble to reschedule their wedding because of COVID-19, they’re likely already stressed out and don’t have things perfectly planned as they usually would. To help lift some of this stress off their plate, make it a point to be available for them when needed. Even if that means having to show up somewhere on short notice. Covid delays and re-scheduling key parts of the planning process like getting dress fittings or working through a rehearsal may require you’re being readily available on short notice help.

Remember, weddings are still meant to be a magical time. Even with COVID-19 changing the dynamics, you should always find a way to make an incredible experience out of the entire journey both as a wedding party member and for your friend who is tying the knot.

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