Do You Have a Wedding Day Timeline?

Planning a wedding is absolutely a unique event – to say the least. 2020 has changed many aspects of the traditional wedding but there is still so much to do and such amazing experiences to be had! As you begin to plan for your wedding celebration, it’s important to keep the day’s events top of mind. 

If you’re someone who likes creating lists – and then lists for those lists, then wedding planning will be a breeze. Even if you’re not – keep reading because these tips can go a long way to making this special day happen without a hitch.

If extremely granular plans are not in your wheelhouse of abilities, there are still ways to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible without leaving any gaps in the process. 

Whether you’re writing extensive lists, mapping it out visually or just keeping mental notes. A timeline plan is going to keep you organized and on task. 

Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

If you’re going for a more traditional ceremony – with a photographer, guests and then a reception, there are some pretty standard steps that happen throughout the day so planning for these in advance is a breeze. 

First, jot down the important vendors you’ll need to meet with and collaborate with before tying the knot. Photographers, Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists, Limo Drivers, Florists.

Next, begin to list them out in the order in which you’ll need to interact with them on the big day. This starts to structure your day. As you work out the details you can fill in more precise timelines for these. 

You’ll want to work collaboratively with key vendors, like the photographer to workout times for the candid photos and important snapshots you want for your wedding. From first look to bridal party and family portraits. Having a scheduled timeline for all of these will remove the chaos to get everyone coordinated on the big day.

Once you’ve worked out these pre-ceremony timeline details don’t forget to keep going! Things like the start time for cocktail hour and how long the vow exchange will take can help to keep the night moving along smoothly and food to be perfectly heated for guests. 

Finally, don’t forget the ending! Grand exits are trending for weddings and if you plan to do a fireworks send off or some other fun interactive exit with your guests, be sure it’s timed properly and incorporated in the day’s festivities. 

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