4 Presents All Engaged Couples Love

Someone you know got engaged? Congrats to them! Are you obligated to get them a gift? Not always–but if they’re family or close friends, then it’s ideal to get them something. Of course, if you know that you’re going to be at their wedding, you might be wondering: do I have to get them 2 gifts, or is a wedding gift enough? There’s no clear answer to this; however, we can say that engagement gifts don’t have to be extravagant; so if it won’t break the bank for you, then we suggest that you should give separate engagement and wedding presents.

Now that you’ve decided to buy the engaged couple a celebratory gift, the question is: what should you get them? Don’t worry–there’s no shortage of gift options out there. Today we’re going to give you 4 of our favorites.

A White Board for Wedding Planning (And More)

Sure, you could get them a notebook-style wedding planner, but there’s something so fun and versatile about a classic whiteboard. They can use it to play charades, make grocery lists, or leave each other love notes. In your accompanying card or note, encourage them to use it for wedding planning, but be sure to point out its versatility.

A Wine Rack

Few people outright hate wine. Even if they are not wine fans themselves, they are bound to receive wine as a gift by a few people. In addition, if they plan to throw any gatherings in the years to come, then guests that do drink wine will appreciate the rack.

An Instant Camera

We’ve all seen the polaroid-style cameras: you know, the ones that spit out physical copies of photos as soon as they are taken? Even in the age of smartphones, these are unique and useful: not all of us want to upload pictures to our computers; some of us would like to hold these memories in our hands.

A Cake Stand

From birthday parties to holiday gatherings, there will be many occasions for cake in the couple’s future together! When it’s time to set the table with this delicious treat, they’re going to need a place to put it; and you can’t just put cake on anything. Sure, you can leave it in the box, or even put it on a tray; but there’s no better tray than a classy-looking cake stand.

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