4 Reasons To Have a Couples Shower

Many people consider a bridal shower to be part of a “traditional” wedding outline; but what is “traditional” anymore, anyway? Wedding culture is evolving. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with having the kind of “classic” wedding your grandparents might have had; however, if you want to step into more modern traditions, then you might find a couples shower to be quite refreshing–we sure do!

What is a Couples Shower?

Sometimes referred to as a “jack and jill shower”, a couples shower is like a bridal shower, except both the bride and groom are celebrated together. In our opinion, couples showers are more fun than bridal showers. Here’s 3 reasons why!

Both Friend Groups Come Together Before the Wedding

Don’t you think your friends will appreciate the opportunity to celebrate you AND your spouse-to-be? The answer is yes! Moreover, a couples shower allows you to combine both sides of your new family. This opens the door for new memories and connections. Your wedding day is about you, but it’s more fun when everyone from both sides can connect and have fun together. A couples shower is like a pre-wedding for your friends and family. With memories from the shower fresh in their minds, everyone will be just a little more comfortable with each other during your actual wedding day.

Couples Themes Are More Interesting

The best couples shower themes are the ones that are based on something that the bride and groom both enjoy.  For example, if taco Tuesdays is a staple of your relationship, then celebrate it! Who wouldn’t love a make-your-own-taco bar? Are you frequent travelers? Then consider basing the theme off of one of your favorite travel destinations. Sports fans? Then put the word out that everyone should wear their favorite jersey.

Games and Activities for Everyone

From charades and beer pong to cornhole and flip cup–there’s generally more fun to be had when the guys and girls are both participating.

Breaking Gender Norms

Not everyone identifies specifically as a bride or groom. Why put a label on anything these days? Instead, just bring everyone together–it will be way more fun that way!

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