5 Morning Of Options for Grooms & Groomsmen Before the Wedding

If the wedding is scheduled to take place in the afternoon or early evening, then that means you have some time to kill. The question of course is what should you do with all this time? Well, the last thing you want to do is sit on your hands all day. Whether you’re the best man or the groom, it’s important that you enjoy yourself during these hours. How can you do that? Try one of these 5 options.

Go Out for Breakfast

There’s something very traditional and satisfying about a round-table breakfast with the boys. It’s during this time that you can crack jokes, discuss the festivities to come, and even make a few bets about who will be the “last groomsman standing” once the drinking commences. Eat something hearty, but don’t overdo it; remember: you want to have an appetite for dinner at the reception later.

Play a Sport

You certainly don’t want to overdo it, but a nice game of golf, tennis, soccer, or basketball can be a lot of fun. If you really don’t want to be too active, then consider a simple game of catch, cornhole or frisbee instead. The idea is to pick something that’s team-oriented; something that all the guys can participate in. While the wedding is ultimately about the bride and groom, it’s also about making memories; therefore, pick an activity that you can look back on and say “remember when we all played basketball that morning?”

Play Video Games

If sports aren’t your thing, then how about a few rounds of Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Fortnite? Another great alternative is to go retro. If you can get your hands on an N64 or Super Nintendo, then play games that inspire nostalgia. For some, that’s Super Smash Bros; for others it’s Mario Kart. Whatever your childhood game was, have at it!

Go Fishing or Hunting

If you like to fish or hunt, then this is a great time to do it. Both fishing and hunting entails a lot of waiting and hanging out. Pick whatever you like best, and go for it! If you’re fishing, bring a few drinks, but don’t overdo it. Once the ceremony is over, then you can cut loose!

Go Shopping for a New Toy

A new guitar, new golf clubs, a new surfboard, a new drone–you deserve the toy you’ve always wanted. If you don’t feel that you can actually afford a new toy right now, then there’s no harm in window shopping. Even if you don’t end up buying a new boat, maybe one of your boys will. Either way, browsing with the guys can inspire some big dreams. Who knows, maybe you will come back and buy that shiny new telecaster in a few months!

Have you Picked Your Wedding Venue Yet?

One great benefit of choosing the Riverhouse is that we have showers in the groom’s bathroom. We make it extremely easy to transition from a sweaty round of golf to wedding-ready attire. No need to plan a game close to the hotel: have your fun, and when you’re done, come straight to the venue!

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