A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2020

Traditions have a way of allowing special moments to be captured in time. When we think about some of the most popular fairytales of all time, most of them have details that set the stage for a picture-perfect occasion. But tradition isn’t all there is. For many others, doing something new, fresh and non-traditional is the best way to possibly imagine making memories. And the great thing is – neither is wrong!

For Valentine’s Day 2020, and as we enter into a fresh new decade, it’s time to change how we think about special occasions and gift-giving and start doing whatever our hearts desire to show the ones we love how much we care for them.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas centered around both traditional and with a modern twist for you to consider this year. We’re just three weeks away. Don’t wait too long!


Bouquets of flowers are probably the single most symbolic gesture of romance that’s stood the test of time. For ages, the courtship between lovers has included the giving of flowers.

Traditional: If you want to go to the roots of Valentine’s Day traditions, then Roses – a dozen or more and red in color are a signature gift to give on this day.

2020 idea: Change it up for 2020. Find a new way to give your love flowers. Pick blooms you know they like (even if not in season locally) and have them delivered. Order an over the top, and extravagant arrangement they would never expect to arrive. You can still step outside of tradition while giving a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll love.

Fine Jewelry

Coming in close second to flowers & chocolate is jewelry. Gifts of jewels can represent friendship, love, and commitment. They can range from a small gesture to fine diamonds. There are so many ways to say I love you with jewelry.

Traditional: A nice bracelet, set of earrings or heart-shaped jewels are just some of the traditional ways to say I love you on this special day.

2020 idea: Step things up and join many others this Valentine’s Day to get engaged. One of the most popular days of the year to get married or engaged is Valentine’s Day. Skip the traditional route of surprising her on bended knee and make an event with friends where you make your proposal a shared experience.

A Fancy Dinner

If there’s one thing that’s a given on Valentine’s Day, it’s reservations at a restaurant. Just about everyone from the fancy bistro to the local diner will likely see an influx of guests enjoying a meal out together with someone.

Traditional: You could pick the usual, predictable restaurant you’ve always gone to or that you frequent often and share a familiar meal with your Valentine’s Day date. There’s nothing wrong with that.

2020 idea:  Or you could do something new and fun this year and reserve your spot at an exclusive and luxurious venue that’s used to putting on a romantic and over the top celebration for the most special day in people’s lives.

Attend a special Valentine’s Day Dinner at The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station this year. Whether you are looking to reminisce about your own wedding night, looking forward to your upcoming wedding, or just want to have a fantastic night of dinner and dancing with your loved one, this event is for you!  Have an amazing night out with great food, music and dancing all at a perfect, romantic setting.


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