Springtime is for Brunches!

The spring season is one of the most revered times of year here in the state of Connecticut. Mild temps, new colorful floral blooms and refreshing breezes across the state make this an opportune time for celebrations!

It’s no wonder that the wedding season is at a peak during this time of year! In addition to great night time temperatures for an elegant dinner celebration, there are many other events that are perfect for celebrating during the early hours on these beautiful spring days!

For this post, we’re talking: BRUNCH!

Brunch is a popular meal that falls perfectly between the breakfast and lunch hours and replaces any heavy, over-complicated meal options with light, seasonal, fresh food. It’s also the perfect setting for a social event and sets the mood for a cheerful meal to be shared with others.

Ideas for Brunch Food Options

You may be wondering what could be served during this “in-between meal.” The options are truly endless. Not only is it perfect for serving appetizers, but you could also mix morning and noon foods – like quiches and vegetable dishes. Don’t forget the mimosas!

Here are some other amazing brunch ideas for the upcoming spring season!

Baby Shower Brunch

There’s always a great time to celebrate a new life. Baby showers are fun gatherings with friends and loved ones of the Mother-to-Be. Plan a baby shower brunch with fun desserts and finger foods as mom opens her gifts!

Bridal Brunch

Spend time with the bride-to-be with an early in the day festivity! Bridal shower brunches are the perfect way to have a pre-wedding gathering with the girls that prepares everyone for the events that will follow!

Easter Brunch

The spring season is also synonymous with the Easter bunny, outdoor celebrations, egg hunts and delicate, sweet, bite-sized food options perfect for serving up to guests. Brunch is the perfect pairing on this holiday!

Mother’s Day Brunch

Closer to the end of the season we also have another great time to do brunch – Mother’s Day. This is a great occasion to show gratitude for the important women in our lives. And what better way to do it than an early brunch celebration?

It’s not often that The Riverhouse is open to the public, but when it is, join us for a beautiful brunch! There are so many options available for the entire family!

Brunches at The Riverhouse:

–              Easter
–              Mother’s Day
–              Breakfast with Santa

Planning an event and want to have it early in the day? Let’s chat!

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