When your business is ready to celebrate a banner sales year, have an executive meeting or host an industry conference it’s important to find the right meeting facility that will meet and exceed your expectations. Business events are carefully planned well in advance and this should give you plenty of time to search for the right venue for your particular event. From upscale and formal and low key and casual you can find many different styles of meeting facilities in Connecticut and by following a few tips you can ensure you find the venue that is right for your company.

Take the Tour – Browsing online is a great way to get started when searching for a venue to host your conference or business meeting but it shouldn’t be the end of your search. Use the internet to find a list of locations that look like good fits but then be sure to arrange an in-person tour of the facility with a manager who can answer any questions you have. Booking a sight unseen can be a mistake and it won’t be until the event is underway that you realize you don’t have enough room. Scout your locations carefully and then spend tie touring each so you can make the best decision possible.

Making an Impression – Whether your event is for the staff or to entertain prospective clients and shareholders it is important that you make the right impression. Once you’ve picked out a meeting facility that has the space and resources you need the next step is to ensure the venue can create the atmosphere you need to impress your guests. BY working with the venue manager you will be able to make any necessary adjustments prior to the event so that it conforms to the theme you want to create. A lot may be riding on this meeting so it’s crucial everything looks just right.

Catering – Depending on how long your event will run you will want to find out if the venue provides catering or if you will have to hire an off-site caterer to provide food and drinks. Finding out ahead of time whether or not the facility has catering services will help you plan the rest of the event so be sure to make this a top priority.

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