3 Important Tips For Your Wedding Day

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Believe it or not, the day has finally come. After a year of planning, engagement parties, bridal showers and rehearsals, you are actually getting married. If you thought you were nervous in the weeks leading up to the event, nothing can prepare you for the actual morning. Many brides will wake up with a feeling of nausea and some may have trouble sleeping the night before. This is only natural and is nothing to be alarmed over.

Wedding day mornings are very stressful times and it takes a strong woman to calm her nerves and put on the proverbial “game face” that will show everyone how calm, cool and collected you are. At The Riverhouse we have seen plenty of nervous brides and offer a few helpful tips for preparing for your wedding day.

  • Don’t be Alone: You may not be sleeping with the groom yet but a bride should not be alone on the morning of her wedding. Whether you spend the night at your parents’ house, with the maid of honor of just a really good friend, having someone close to you when you wake up is a relaxing and comforting feeling. The jitters can begin early and with familiar faces around you there is less chance that the butterflies will turn into a panic attack.
  • Call the Venue: In the weeks leading up to the big day you have probably checked in numerous times with the venue, florists and other vendors. However, the morning of your wedding can seem a little surreal, like it’s a dream and not really happening. One way to bring you back to reality and get past the illusion phase is to call the wedding venue and confirm they have a wedding planned in your name at a certain time. This reassurance will bring you back from the ledge and get you into the right frame of mind for starting on your wedding day checklist.
  • Eat Something: Even if your stomach feels like it is in knots, every wedding planner and former bride agrees having something to eat will help steady your nerves. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal or a sit-down breakfast but it should definitely include fresh fruit, protein, some granola and a beverage that helps wake you up, be it coffee, tea or orange juice.

Your wedding day can be very stressful and the best way to approach it is with a clear mind. Prepare for that morning and take the necessary steps to calm nerves so you are ready to shine.

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