Beauty Tips For Connecticut Brides

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When that special day is right around the corner it is time to start putting into practice all the plans you have dreamed of for your wedding. Surely your wedding checklist will be packed with notes and reminders and this can be a very confusing time if you are not prepared. One area you definitely do not want to overlook is the bridal hair and makeup.

At The Riverhouse we provide an elegant and upscale backdrop for your Connecticut wedding to unfold. To ensure you are looking your absolute best on this momentous occasion, follow some simple tips for bridal hair and makeup.

  • Plan with your Stylist: In the months leading up to the big day you will be in contact with your stylist a lot. This is good since you will most likely be considering a few different styles for your hair and a number of shades for your makeup. Being on the same page with the person responsible for putting your wedding day look together is crucial and it is recommended that you schedule some appointments to discuss new ideas and try new looks. Make sure your wedding day appointment is locked in well in advance so there is no chance of anyone forgetting.
  • Try Airbrush Makeup: Traditional makeup is known for being heavy and will smear and run if you are not careful. As a bride you have enough on your plate where you don’t need to be worrying about your makeup. With airbrush makeup you can use up to a 1/3 less product than traditional makeup and have a look that won’t run or smear. Easy to apply and lasts for hours, airbrush makeup is a great choice for brides and looks great with HD cameras.
  • Careful with Color Jobs: Your hairstyle is very important on this special day and it is important not to make any brash decisions. If you are thinking about a new style, try it well in advance so you have time to correct it if it does not turn out the way you like. The same goes with dye jobs. Color can be tricky and this is not something you want to gamble with the morning of your wedding. Try any color jobs or new styles several weeks before the wedding so you can fix anything you don’t like.
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