How to Plan A Traditional Wedding

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Today there are many themes and décor options for weddings. Many couples want their wedding to be unique and will look for unconventional ways to decorate and celebrate. However, in tradition-rich Connecticut, there are plenty of brides and grooms who prefer a traditional wedding.

At The Riverhouse we offer a beautiful wedding venue for you to host a reception. Our grand facility is the ideal setting for a traditional wedding and we want you to get the most out of it. Here are some tips for planning a traditional wedding.

  • Establish a Formal Dress Code: One way to establish a traditional theme at your Connecticut wedding is to establish a dress code that will feature formal attire. Brides should look for elegant wedding gowns with long trains and veils. Men should stick to black tuxedos or morning suit clothes in grey. With formal attire that sticks to the basics you create a classic look that is ideal for traditional weddings.
  • Entertain Guests with a String Quartet: Music is a big factor in planning a wedding and many couples will look for either a rock band or a DJ to keep the party going. But if you want to create a classic atmosphere then opt for classic music and hire a string quartet to serenade the bride and groom for the first dance and to offer traditional waltzes for ballroom dancing. You may also want to enlist the services of a chorus that can add that special vocal touch for specific songs.
  • Use a Horse Drawn Carriage For Transportation: Your arrival and departure are two of the most anticipated events at a wedding and if you want to convey a traditional theme, look for transportation that is stylish and classy. A horse drawn carriage is a magnificent choice and works well in both summer and winter weddings. If you prefer a car, seek out classic rides such as Rolls Royce or a 1962 S2 Bentley. You’re not buying the cars so don’t be intimated by the luxury brand names. But these cars are much better suited for a traditional wedding than your standard limousine or town car.
  • White Decor – Most traditional weddings feature a white decorative theme. This is perhaps where the term “white wedding” comes from. Traditional weddings will often have the same elegant centerpieces on the reception tables as well.
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