Making A Great Wedding Toast

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One of the most anticipated moments of a wedding reception is the toast. The groom will often tap his Best Man to deliver a toast to the newlywed couple and this part of the ceremony is crucial. All the guests will be listening closely and you need to be prepared to ensure your toast is clever, concise and appropriate.

At The Riverhouse we want you to deliver a toast guests will remember for years to come so we offer a few tips to help you get through it.

  • Heartfelt: The most important thing about a wedding toast is that it is thoughtful and sincere. It can have humor and some clever anecdotes, but always make sure it comes from your heart and not the pages of guide. Take time to really consider the bride and groom and what makes their union so special. If need be, consult with their families for information that can help you write a winning toast.
  • Keep it Simple: Most wedding planners agree that a wedding toast should be kept between five and ten minutes. Anything under five minutes can seem rushed and insincere and anything over ten minutes may risk losing the audience. Practice reciting your toast prior to the ceremony and use a watch to perfect your timing.
  • Don’t Read from Note Cards: It’s OK to have your toast written down on index cards but try not to recite directly from the cards. When delivering a toast it is important to make eye contact with the audience and to gesture towards the happy couple. If you simply read from note cards it will seem scripted and you will lose the genuine quality that is so important for a wedding toast.
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