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A lot of planning goes in to making a wedding successful. Having the right theme, spot-on catering and picture perfect moments for the photographer to capture requires keen attention to detail. When planning your wedding in Connecticut give serious thought to the music that will played throughout the reception and whether or not it’s better to have a DJ or a live band. Music plays a major role in the wedding reception and can determine whether guests stay for the night or make a rush for the exits. It’s your wedding but your guests deserve a fine time as well so keep in mind several factors when choosing the music for your wedding reception.

  • Setting – The theme of your wedding will be deciding factor in the type of music you select. If you plan a sophisticated and upscale wedding that is formal and traditional you will probably want a small classical ensemble to fit the mood. If your wedding is more casual and loose then a live band that knows plenty of party songs or a DJ who has a great collection of dance tracks is a good option. Try to match the entertainment with the theme you’ve chosen for a fitting musical experience.
  • Budget – As the saying goes the answer to 9 out of 10 questions is money. Your budget will also help determine the music for your wedding. DJ’s are often cheaper than a live band unless the DJ happens to be a well-known club DJ. When hiring a band you often have to account for paying each member and if you opt for a 10-piece swing band it could prove to be costly. Find the music that not only fits your wedding theme but is also within your budget.
  • Experience – Don’t hire anyone without having heard them first. By checking out wedding DJ’s and bands in action at other people’s events you’ll have a much better idea if they are right for your wedding. Don’t just rely on a mix tape or video since these can be edited to eliminate mistakes. See the act in person and also meet with them to get a sense of their style and tastes. While DJ’s and bands are expected to known the traditional songs many have their own repertoires and if it matches your tastes all the better.

Remember, both DJ’s and live bands use a lot of equipment and there is always the chance something can malfunction. If this should happen know ahead of time if the DJ can improvise with some impromptu comedy or if the band can do a cappella songs while waiting for an amplifier to be fixed. Lastly, be sure to present either a DJ or live band with a list of songs you want to hear and make sure the DJ has the tracks or the band knows the songs. When you prepare in advance for the wedding reception music you can ensure everyone has a great time at your wedding.

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