Planning A Company Announcement

Planning a Company Announcement

It used to be when your company had an announcement to make a simple press release would suffice. At most maybe a news conference would be called and a brief statement made. But today, with so much information cluttering the internet and news feeds it is imperative that you go the extra mile when it comes to announcing breaking news about your company.

At The Riverhouse, we want your business news to be headline worthy material so we offer a few tips to turn news into an event.

Create an Event: Forgo the press release and brief statements. That will be here today and gone tomorrow. What you need to do now to get and hold people’s attention is to create an atmosphere that stands up as an actual event. Consider renting out a high end banquet facility, inviting an A-list of journalists, bloggers and industry heavyweights as well as hiring a top-notch catering service. The more you make your announcement and event the more likely it will be gain traction.

Take your Time: Don’t just rush out, break the news of a new merger or acquisition and then say good-night. Milk the time, let the guests mingle and engage in conversation to build up the anticipation. A good idea is to hire a live band or DJ to keep everyone entertained while waiting for the big announcement.

Make it Count: When the moment comes, add some theatrics to your announcement. Even if your corporate profile is button-down, a little flair can go a long way and if you use laser lights, big screen plasma TV’s and interactive graphics you can bet all eyes will be on you. Deliver your announcement clearly and concisely and be prepared to answer questions from the assembled audience.

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