Planning A Company Holiday Party

Having a company holiday party is a great way to build camaraderie among staff and celebrate festive occasions. Whether you work for a large corporation or small business you should take advantage of the holiday season to gather with co-workers and their families to mingle outside of the office environment. Successful parties are often the result of careful planning. At The Riverhouse we want your holiday party to be memorable event people will talk about for years to come so we want to provide a few tips that will make your occasion special.

Plan in Advance – You know when traditional holidays are so don’t wait until the last minute to start planning. December is a very popular month for holiday parties and if you are planning a gathering with your co-workers get started at least a few months in advance. By planning early you can find the right facility, get the best catering and give your staff enough notice so everyone can attend.

Tour Event Venues – Using the internet to get an initial impression of banquet facilities is a good start, but you will need to view the event venue in person before making any decisions. Looks can be deceiving and what may look like a huge ballroom on the web can actually be a small room. Be sure to schedule tours with the venue manager to get a first-hand look at the facility and to ask important questions so you get everything you need.

Get Feedback from Coworkers – Before you go off and start crafting the perfect party you want, consider sending a bulk email to the staff letting them know the date for the holiday party and any suggestions or ideas they may have. Not everyone will respond but it’s always nice to be asked for your opinion and you may get some ideas back you never thought of.

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