Study: Everything You Should Know About Planning Your Wedding

Recently, WeddingWire, the authority on all things wedding-related, released its “2019 Newlywed Report” which examined 2018 couples and what went into planning their big day.

After scouring all the information regarding planning and having a wedding, this latest compilation of emerging trends and forecasts offers the ultimate guidebook for couples when planning their wedding day.

We took sometime below to highlight key points regarding up & coming trends and the millennial market.


The engagement is where weddings commence. There’s not only the intimate moment usually shared between the couple when the proposal is made, but now, thanks to social media and the Internet, more and more people are involving the public in their excitement as they commit to this new chapter in their lives.

According to findings from their study, within just a few hours of being engaged, most couples will already share a photo, story or view of the ring to the public. Some are even turning the event into a lavish party dedicated to the momentous day in their wedding timeline.

Speaking of engagements, the study also uncovered that the most popular day for people to get engaged is Christmas. In fact, 19 percent of all proposals happen during the month of December.


In terms of new beginnings, the real planning for a wedding kicks off once a date is picked. Much has remained the same as far as the actual months that are most popular for couples to get married, but for 2019 specifically, the most popular dates that are being booked are:

  • Oct. 19
  • Sept. 14
  • May 4
  • Oct. 12
  • Oct. 5

While we’re talking planning, there are some new things going into this from a millennial standpoint. For example, before even being engaged, millennials have already started creating inspiration boards on Pinterest or started to shop around for venue and dress options.  This generation is also very comfortable with using mobile devices and prefers instant gratification which lends itself to their ability to use online tools for research, price comparisons and even feeling more confident about their budgeting.


Even with all of the new trends emerging in how couples are planning and having their weddings, there was still a focus on traditions that was uncovered in the study.

According to the WeddingWire report, 1-in-5 couples will find ways to add cultural and traditional elements to their big day. Things like incorporating cultural attire or traditional cuisine from their heritage into the day, are increasingly popular. Others are also opting for some old-fashioned tried and true wedding practices like having a “first dance” or passing out favors to guests.

Speaking of guests, weddings today are also focusing on including their guests in the events of the day so it’s memorable for all and not just the bride and groom. This increased focus on the guest experience is even bringing new elements to today’s weddings – like palm readings for a unique entertainment option or interactive, specialized food stations, according to the report.

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