Top 4 Wedding Planning Blunders & How to Avoid Making Them

1.      Forgoing the Original Budget

One of the first things couples should do after getting engaged is to sit down and plan a budget that’s going to work for them.  These funds are usually already stretched to allow for a maximum desire-filled day. The problem occurs when some brides and grooms diminish most of the pot too early on. For example, splurging on a dress you fall in love with but with a hefty price tag, or wanting to book a certain photographer who comes at a high cost.  Decide if you can fit it all in so you won’t run short when it comes to other important aspects of your big day.

2.      Poor Invitation Timing

While getting married is a very exciting time for couples and they want to scream it from the rooftops to tell all their friends, this can cause issues down the line if you’re not careful.  Once you’ve announced your wedding to too many people and they’re all awaiting an invite, you might have to explain why they didn’t end up getting one because your venue or budget doesn’t accommodate for that many people. Speaking of invites, you might also be so eager to send them out that you put them in the mail too early and they get lost or forgotten.  Be careful with the timeline when it comes to your “save the dates” and invitations too. Map out a time frame for ordering, sending and getting back RSVPs to avoid stress and confusion. And always use the correct amount of postage.

3.      Being Close-Minded

Being closed-minded means, “not willing to consider different ideas or opinions.” This can cause issues in your wedding experience because you’ve become fixated on one type of flower that’s impossible to get from florists in your local area or because there’s this certain décor detail that’s going to cost way more than your budget will allow. Instead of battling the impossible, an alternative would be to listen to the opinions of vendors and other professionals who have helped host so many weddings already, or even the opinions of friends and family and come to a new happy medium.

4.      Not Asking for Help

One of the biggest mistakes brides will admit to after their big day has passed is not asking for more help. Take this as a word to the wise and lean on those around you for help – favors big and small are acceptable to make the entire wedding process a pleasing one. Even if you like things done your way or want to have the final say in everything, you’re going to need help on this journey and its okay to ask for it. Set some healthy demands and boundaries and don’t be afraid to assign specific tasks. You’ll be surprised how willing everyone will be to help ease your day.

Now that we’ve talked about some of your worst fears and how you can avoid ever having to come to face with them during your wedding planning process, it’s important that we remind you to have a wonderful time planning your wedding. It’s one of the most special days of your and your partner’s lives and you should enjoy it to the fullest.

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