Tips For Planning Rehearsal Dinners

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Part of the wedding tradition is to host a rehearsal dinner with the wedding party the night before the big day. While some will choose to have the dinner a few days before, the common practice s to have a final walk through at the ceremony location and then enjoy a relaxing dinner with the wedding party, family and some close friends.

At The Riverhouse we want your rehearsal dinner to be a fun and memorable occasion so we offer the following tips.

  • Change the Menu: One tip is to not have the same menu that you are going to have for the wedding. Replicating the wedding menu is only going to appear stale and wedding planners suggest switching up the cuisine to something entirely different than what will be served at the wedding. If the wedding will feature a seafood theme than consider a restaurant that specializes in homemade Italian dishes.
  • Make it Casual: Some rehearsal dinners are formal sit-down affairs but most people opt for a laid-back and casual atmosphere. Everyone will be looking for some relief from all the dress rehearsals and will probably have some nerves about the big day so a good idea is to offer a casual setting that allows everyone the chance to relax and let loose some steam. Go for a nice restaurant that isn’t too formal and will allow your guests to enjoy the night before the wedding.
  • Schedule it Early: If the rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding then it is advised to schedule it for around 5pm or 6pm. If you wait until 9pm or 10pm you run the risk of keeping the wedding party out quite late and this can cause some to oversleep the next morning when everyone is busy preparing for the ceremony. Keep it casual and aim for an early evening start to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the dinner and get everyone home at a reasonable hour.
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