Tips For Touring A Wedding Venue

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When you are planning your wedding day one of the most crucial decisions will be choosing the wedding venue for your reception. Not only is reserving the banquet facility one of the most expensive items on your wedding checklist, it also involves many other participants in your wedding including bands, DJ’s, caterers and photographers.

At The Riverhouse we have a beautiful wedding venue that offers Connecticut brides and grooms the perfect backdrop for their special day. We want you to be happy with your venue decision so we offer a few tips that will help when touring a wedding venue.

  • Prepare your Questions: You’ll soon realize that planning is what makes a wedding successful. Before you arrive at wedding venues you are considering for your reception, have a list of questions prepared to ask the manager. From whether or not the facility has an outdoor patio to if the place provides on-site catering, there are many details you will want to inquire about. When you are taking the tour you may be distracted and forget important questions so it is always a good idea to have it written down.
  • Bring a Camera: Any banquet facility will look great on the web. But the real test comes from the first-hand experience walking around the venue. A good tip is to bring a camera with you so you can take pictures of the main ballroom, the entrance, bridal suites if they have any and other locations that you will want to use for wedding pictures. Now that almost every smart phone has a camera installed it makes it a lot easier to snap pictures.
  • Use your Imagination: While you are touring the venue it’s a good idea to imagine certain scenes unfolding. From the initial entrance to the final dance, picturing in your mind how the wedding reception will look in the venue you are touring will help you decide if the place is right for you. You can also bring along samples of the décor that will make up your theme and see how it blends in with the architecture of the facility.
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