Using Technology For Business Events

Business events don’t have to be cut and dry affairs that consists merely of lectures and a dated power-point presentation. Many people in business try to avoid corporate meetings and events because the format is always the same and rarely is anything presented that peaks their interest. You can change all that by incorporating technology into your presentations and meetings.

At The Riverhouse we offer a terrific meeting venue that is ideal for business events and state-of-the-art resources to allow your company the chance to wow your audience. Here are a few tips for using technology to enhance your meeting or conference.

Social Media: Every business knows about social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but not many know how to use these sites successfully. One way to harness the power of social media is to include guests from around the country, and even the world, through interactive social platforms that make the discussion more impactful. With Twitter you can have a panel of guests off-site live-Tweeting their thoughts and opinions and posting to your business Facebook page videos and graphs demonstrating their positions on certain topics. Much cheaper than video-conferencing and more engaging, social media can make your event a lot more popular.

Encourage Smartphone and Tablets: If your audience is simply sitting and listening they won’t feel part of the event. However, if you encourage guests to use the smartphones and tablets to join the discussion you instantly engage all audience members and make their time much more worthwhile. Tablets are not very expensive and you may consider investing in 20 or 30 to hand out to guests who don’t have one and then show them how to join the conference through their tablet. People are going to use their phones anyway so instead of having guest’s texting to pass the time give them a reason to join the discussion.

Screens: It’s been shown that if you put a screen in a room, be it a monitor or TV, it will instantly draw people’s attention. Take advantage of this by mounting screens throughout the event venue with images and content that summarize the point of the meeting. You can also set up an Instagram account solely for that meeting and capture candid shots of the guests, speakers and hosts that will periodically pop up on the screens. This is a great way to keep the interest of those who attend and add a fun element that lightens up the mood.

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