Duties of a Groomsman: Here’s What You’re Expected to Do

Getting chosen to be a groomsman at a wedding is quite an honor. As a groomsman, you are officially part of an elite group of guests, called “the wedding party.” Sounds pretty prestigious, right? Well, it kind of is! One of the great benefits of being a groomsman is that you get a backstage pass to all the things that happen behind-the-scenes. You get to know the full schedule of events, and you get to share some of the spotlight with the groom and best man.

While the role of groomsman comes with some cool little perks, it also comes with some responsibilities. After all, if you’re going to be in the wedding, you should help to ensure that it’s the best day of the groom’s life. Ok, that might sound a little daunting, but really, it’s not!

Here are some of the groomsman’s key responsibilities:

Helps to Plan & Execute the Bachelor & Stag Party Before the Wedding

We’ve seen some wild bachelor parties in movies. While they don’t all have to be crazy, every groom does deserve one. The best man should be the one spearheading both events, but the groomsmen are supposed to give him a helping hand. This may mean booking hotels, spreading the word about the stag party, providing the capital for raffle prizes at the stag, or securing a caterer. Ultimately, planning the stag and bachelor party should be a team effort, so be a team player!

Attending the Rehearsal Dinner

It’s customary for the entire wedding party to be present for the rehearsal dinner before the wedding day. During this event, you should make an effort to socialize with the bride and groom’s respective families. Make it known that you are a good friend of the groom, and that you are there to help anyone who needs it. In addition, while the best man may give a toast, a groomsman can give one as well. If you have something special or amusing to share about the bride or groom, then by all means, volunteer to give a toast. Just keep any roasting clean and gentle!

Keeping Guests Engaged at the Wedding

Once the ceremony is over, and the festivities begin, you should be mingling with as many different people as you can. The best gift you could give the bride and groom is a good time; therefore, do your best to engage with everyone that you can. If the party needs someone to break the ice on the dance floor, then be that guy; if the bride’s grandparents are there, then make it a point to sit and speak with them. In short, you should be helping to keep the party alive until last call. After that, be available for people that need directions to the hotel, or people that want to know “what’s next.” If you’ve planned to have everyone meet at a hotel bar afterward, then spread the word about it.

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