Choosing A Wedding Venue

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There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding but the most important step is to find a wedding venue. Once you choose a wedding facility all the other items on your checklist will start to fall into place. There are many types of wedding venues in Connecticut but not all will be right for your theme and it helps to follow a few tips when choosing a wedding venue to ensure your special occasion is a day to remember.

  • Space – You don’t want your wedding to look empty or seem overcrowded so it’s very important to find a venue that has the space you’re looking for. When you take a tour of a facility try to imagine how it will look with tables, chairs, a bar and DJ booth set up to get a better idea of the layout. A large empty room can be deceiving but when you factor in all the extras you’ll be adding to the space you’ll know if it’s the right for the number of guests you plan to have in attendance.
  • Privacy – You’ll want plenty of open space for dancing, mingling and eating but another thing to keep in mind is private rooms. Many wedding venues will feature bridal suites and private lounges that can be used by the groom and people in the wedding party who need a breather from the action. Bridal suites are especially important since the star of the show will need room to touch up her hair and makeup and using the public restroom just doesn’t seem right.
  • Season – The time of year you select for your wedding will also play a role in choosing a wedding venue. If you are planning a summer wedding in Connecticut you’ll want t look for a facility that has a lawn, garden or patio so guests can enjoy some fresh air when taking a break from the dancing. If your wedding is going to take place in the winter you’ll want to find a place that is well heated and has ample parking that is close to the facility so guests won’t have to walk far in the cold air and snow.
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