Selecting Music For Your Corporate Event

Today corporate events have become social events. Gone are the days of the stuffy boardroom, drawn out speeches and slide show presentations. Now, companies are being careful to infuse some fun and entertainment in their events. Because of this, music is becoming more important in the planning of product launches, annual meetings and quarterly presentations.

At The Riverhouse we know how important your business event is and we also know the need for entertaining guests as well as educating them. It takes a careful blend of figures and fun to make corporate gatherings successful. One area that cannot be overlooked when planning a business event is music. From background sounds for the entrance to the right notes for a post-conference reception, the music you choose will help define your event and create an atmosphere conducive to highlighting your business.

Here are a few ideas for music and where it works best:

String Quartets: Elegant, classy and sophisticated, a string quartet creates an upscale environment that is ideal for executive meetings, year-end overviews and formal holiday parties. The sounds of classical music from the likes of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven creates a soothing ambiance that is perfect for high-end corporate events. Being able to hear the unmistakable notes of classical masterpieces while still being able to hold conversations at cocktail receptions is a perfect match.

Jazz Ensembles: If your business event can use a little pick-me-up sound then enlisting the service of a jazz quartet or quintet is the way to go. With the right jazz band your event can easily switch from soft and subtle to upbeat and swinging as the occasion calls for it. Jazz spans a wide spectrum of moods and tones and if your event will have a need for different music for receptions, presentations and intermissions, then a jazz band is a great choice.

DJ’s: Today many people associate DJ’s with loud rocking nightclub parties. However, there are plenty of DJ’s available for hire that have years of experience spinning the right tunes for corporate gatherings, business events and even formal dinners. With a DJ you get the opportunity to prepare a playlist for the different moments that will comprise your gathering and also the chance to switch up sounds as situations call for. With the right DJ your event has a can’t-miss musical element that will be spot on for any moment at any occasion.

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