Wedded with Nature: Tips for an Amazing Outdoor Wedding Celebration

Many engaged couples dream of an outdoor wedding. When done properly, they’re beautiful and memorable and leave so many possible options on the table when it comes to your magical day.

One thing that you may want to also consider is that the outdoors can be unpredictable. You’ll want to consider these tips if having an enchanting outdoor wedding in a garden or forest tops your list.

Here are some of the ways to “weather-proof” your outdoor wedding plans!

Choose the Date with Intention

Depending on which elements of your big day are most important, “the right time of year” can vary. For some, that maybe the months of April, May, June, and October if you’re thinking about an outdoor wedding. However, there’s also July and August that can work great for these events. Whatever date you choose for your wedding, remember that an unpredictable weather event could happen so having a backup plan is key.

Consider a Covered Space

Even if you’ve placed all of your hopes into clear skies on the day of your outdoor wedding, it’s important to have a plan. An outdoor tent, pergola or other covered areas are a great option at these events because they can keep sudden rain showers off of guests (and your wedding dress, hair, and makeup!) and they make lighting and music seem more intimate!

Communication is Key

If you’re worried there might be a change of plans due to weather, you can go the extra mile to include instructions for any changes to the day in your invitation envelope. Communicating with guests is important but working with vendors to understand how plans will be handled should inclement weather arise can help ease your mind on the big day. Ask the DJ or band if they can continue if it rains and if the florist can protect arrangements. When you work with a professional venue these questions will be much easier to iron out early in the process and ease your mind that your outdoor wedding will be a successful and memorable one no matter what weather comes along.

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station is an award-winning venue that provides a gorgeous bridal patio but if the weather turns bad, we’re ready to bring everything inside to our indoor ceremony room. Sitting atop the banks of the Connecticut River across from the historic Goodspeed Opera House with the famous Haddam Swing Bridge in-between, it will be a wedding that your guests will always remember. From the finest in food, service, and elegance to the expertise required for your grand occasion, our professional team is here to execute the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


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